Berrien County Youth Fair
August 17-22, 2015

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The Expo Arena is Going Green!

The EXPO Arena at the Berrien County Youth Fair is GOING GREEN!

Green Mission Statement

"If we are to engage the imagination of our youth and build a facility that will be meaningful to them, we will need to incorporate environmentally sound elements of sustainability and conservation of renewable resources."
– Statement from the Berrien County Youth Fair Association Board of Directors

Features planned include:
  • 6.1-acre solar roof for net-zero energy design
  • Anaerobic digester and natural gas backup
  • Protection of existing wetland
  • Eco-friendly paving of Arena parking lots
  • Eco-friendly lighting for Arena parking lots
  • Energy-conserving indoor lighting
  • Use of sustainable products for flooring, walls, and ceilings
  • Solar charging stations for hybrid and electric vehicles, including golf carts

The proposed $17 million EXPO Arena at the Berrien County Youth Fair will be a showcase for the latest technology in "net-zero energy green design" and renewable and sustainable energy conservation. These elements include:

Solar Roof: Features of the net-zero energy design elements include a solar energy installation atop the 6.1-acre EXPO Arena roof. The renewable energy generated by the solar roof will be carbon-free using the latest technology in solar panels for solar-generated electricity. The system is currently being designed but once finished could be as large as 2 megawatts. Once the solar system is installed, it will generate 100% of the EXPO Arena's energy needs, creating a net-zero energy facility.

Sustainable Siting: The EXPO Arena at the Berrien County Youth Fair is being built on land the Fair currently owns. No land is being removed from agricultural use. In addition, the location of the EXPO Arena project will ensure that the adjacent wetland on Fair property will be properly nourished.

Materials and Resources: Whenever and wherever possible, the EXPO Arena will incorporate sustainable materials—like bamboo flooring—and renewable resources in the construction of the building.

Geothermal Water Heating: The EXPO Arena will be able to heat water for the locker room showers, bathrooms, and kitchens using a solar-generated geothermal water system.