Berrien County Youth Fair
August 17-22, 2015

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Get Ready for the Stampede!

As the largest and most versatile private EXPO and equestrian arena in the Midwest, the full impact of the EXPO Arena on local commerce is immense. The EXPO will attract hundreds of thousands of people from across the country to attend the exciting lineup of events including national equine shows, music concerts, trade shows, and wine festivals. As a result, the EXPO is projected to generate millions of dollars in revenue for area restaurants, hotels, and countless service-related businesses.

Findings on the Economic Impact of the EXPO Arena at the Berrien County Youth Fair
Construction of the EXPO Arena at the Berrien County Youth Fair:
Construction of the EXPO Arena is estimated to take place over a twelve (12) month period at a cost of $17,000,000. Using the industry standard multiplier of one (1) temporary job created for one (1) year, based on $250,000 worth of construction investment, it is estimated that sixty (60) temporary new jobs for one (1) year will be created by the construction of the EXPO Arena.
Major Equestrian Events at the EXPO Arena at the Berrien County Youth Fair:
The information for the estimate of the impact of these events is taken from the report of Market Demands by Markin Consulting (Markin) dated July 2007.

Based on this analysis in year three (3), there would be twenty-three (23) equestrian events covering seventy-five (75) event days involving eight thousand (8,000) horses and generating a total of one hundred thirty thousand one hundred twenty-five (130,125) annual visitor attendance days at the EXPO Arena at the Berrien County Youth Fair. The total economic impact generated directly by these equestrian events is estimated to be $5,519,105.
Major Non-Equestrian Events at the EXPO Arena at the Berrien County Youth Fair:
These events, as described in the Markin Study as concerts, large-scale trade shows, circuses, major wheel and motor events, and other large-scale productions, are estimated to produce twenty-nine (29) events and forty-eight (48) event days with a total attendance of eighty-three thousand eight hundred (83,800) visitor attendance days annually. These major events are estimated to generate $3,352,000 in annual direct economic impact in year three (3) of the operation of the EXPO Arena.
Minor Non-Equestrian Events:
This category includes both secondary events and smaller events. A secondary event would include wheel events, indoor boat shows, RV shows, specialty vintage car shows, industrial and tool shows, and other trade shows. Twenty-six (26) such events at the EXPO Arena are estimated in year three (3) covering thirty-nine (39) event days and generating a total of seventy-eight thousand (78,000) attendance days annually.

Smaller events include wedding receptions, club meetings, annual association dinners and specialty events, larger nonprofit events, home and garden shows, health care expos, electronics shows, and other suitable exhibits.

Fifty-two (52) such shows are estimated for year three (3) with an annual direct economic impact of these minor arena shows of $2,080,000.
Local and Public Service Non-Equestrian Events at the EXPO Arena:
This involves local meetings, public service and nonprofit organizations, including service clubs, charities, 4-H, and church-related groups, and encompasses virtually any noncommercial locally based public service activity that falls within the mandate of the Berrien County Youth Fair Association.

It is estimated that one hundred and four thousand (104,000) visitor days would occur at the Berrien County Youth Fair grounds and the EXPO Arena for these meetings. It would be expected, should the use of the facility require extra expense for security, utilities, setup, and moving, that the cost of this additional expense would be borne by the organization, but no other revenue or profit would be returned from this activity.
Summary of All Activities, Events, and Economic Activity and Impact of the EXPO Arena at the Berrien County Youth Fair:
It is estimated that in year three (3) of operation there would be a total of nine hundred thirty (930) events and meetings covering one thousand fourteen (1,014) event days, resulting in an attendance in total of three hundred sixty-one thousand nine hundred twenty-five (361,925) to the EXPO Arena. The total direct economic impact of the EXPO Arena at the Berrien County Youth Fair in year three (3) of operation is $10,951,105.

As is normally estimated when a new economic activity is created, drawing revenue from the resources of a broad regional area and utilizing local labor resources and local suppliers, a benefit multiplier can be applied to recognize the ripple effect of the increased economic activity. Such multipliers historically are between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2. Based upon this customary analysis, the grand total of the estimated benefits to the southwestern Michigan area generated in year three (3) by the EXPO Arena at the Berrien County Youth Fair is $32,941,315.

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