Berrien County Youth Fair
August 17-22, 2015

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There are three sections to the EXPO Arena: the Main Arena, the Stables and Stalling Area, and the Hospitality Center.

The Main Arena is the centerpiece of the EXPO. Measuring 240' by 400', the Main Arena will include comfortable stadium and bleacher seating for 4,000 spectators. Utilizing floor space, the Main Arena will seat a total of 7,000 people.

The Mezzanine Level of the Main Arena will include 12 classrooms measuring 25' x 40' and 6 classrooms measuring 25' x 20'. The classrooms will be converted to skyboxes during Arena events to accommodate a variety of guest needs and sponsorship amenities.

The massive riding arena (190' x 350') will be over 66,000 square feet and will meet equine show and rodeo show requirements.

Potential uses for the Main Arena include:

  • Equine shows
  • Tractor pulls
  • Truck competitions
  • Livestock exhibitions
  • Home & garden shows
  • Trade shows and conventions
  • Farm events
  • Concerts
  • Boat shows
  • RV shows

The Stables and Stalling Area will be able to accommodate more than 500 horses under one roof. Horse owners and riders can expect dry conditions year-round and will appreciate the expansive indoor warm-up ring (140' x 160'). Riders will still have access to the six existing outdoor riding arenas and covered fair grandstand. This section will be strategically constructed with removable stalls and climate controls to ensure the EXPO is functional for a variety of events that can take place winter, spring, summer, or fall.

The Hospitality Center will be ideal for hosting mid-range to large-capacity events that could include boat shows, weddings, corporate receptions or meetings, school programs, and civic presentations. This upscale area will be able to accommodate seating for more than 1,000 people or a sit-down banquet for 750 people. This area will also include a cafeteria and a large banquet-sized kitchen.

The Hospitality Center will also house the box office, the grand foyer, and the covered entrance. This area allows access to the Mezzanine Level and the classrooms/skyboxes that will overlook the Main Arena. The skyboxes will be privately owned, however, when not in use for EXPO Arena events, they will be used as Berrien County Youth Fair classrooms and meeting rooms available for use by non-profit organizations, service clubs, and youth groups.

The exterior of the EXPO will include loading docks, an RV park and campground (with water and electrical hookups), lighted parking lots, and two large digital marquee signs.

The massive riding arena (190' x 350') will be over 66,000 square feet and will meet equine show and rodeo show requirements.