Berrien County Youth Fair
August 17-22, 2015

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Welcome to
The EXPO Arena at the
Berrien County Youth Fair

Our Mission

Building to encourage economic growth and development by investing in the future of our children, allowing them to develop pride in their accomplishments, enhance their leadership skills, exercise their competitive spirit and interest in their community, while honoring the achievements of the past.

Southwest Michigan will soon be home to a world-class entertainment and event venue called the EXPO Arena at the Berrien County Youth Fair. Once completed, the EXPO will support the growing needs of the highly successful youth fair while attracting an entire new lineup of shows and attractions that will take place year-round. This multimillion-dollar project will have a profound impact on residents, surrounding communities, and businesses as it elevates Berrien County to premier host status.

Tour this official site and discover the exciting future of the EXPO Arena!